Healthcare & Seniors

The healthcare industry in South Africa is unique in its needs. It requires an astute understanding of the environment, coupled with extensive experience in the sector.


Catering Solutions


In this quality driven environment, where patients regard the services that support clinical care as an important factor in their selection of hospitals, food plays a key role. They expect the standard of catering services during their stay to be equivalent to that of a quality hotel.

Private Hospitals

Private Hospitals and Hospital Retail Services

The private health care industry in South Africa is unique in its requirements and requires an astute understanding of the environment coupled with extensive experience in the sector. We provide catering services with menus designed to give choice and high quality whilst being compatible with the nutritional standards essential to patient recovery. We have world class resources and professional expertise in the field of nutrition to underpin all our hospital catering services.

We take care to make the choosing and ordering of food an easy, pleasant process. Smart ordering via mobile devices is now a routine part of our service.

Care Homes & Extra Care

Frail Care Homes, Extra Care and Retirement Villages

Our specialist Care teams are transforming food service in this sector. We are dedicated to making food a daily pleasure for residents and patients, while removing management headaches for clients, helping them with regulation and contributing to their commercial strength.

The quality and value of these services can have a significant influence on residents’ selection of a particular location.

We provide ideas and best practice that improve the service to the point where quality food is a reason for residents and their families in choosing the home.

We set ourselves apart from our competitors by excelling in the key areas of patient and resident satisfaction and high quality nutrition and hygiene. With the high standard of hygiene required in a health care facility CSG Food Solutions has implemented strict adherence to HACCP principles and ISO 9001.

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