Is food as important as medicine?

It’s an undisputed fact that food plays a huge role in a patient’s recovery. What we put into our bodies not only gives us the energy we need to heal and recover from infections and illness but also forms the building blocks used to repair the damage. But just how deep do the benefits go?

A massive step in getting patients back on their feet is about doing more than just keeping them hydrated and fed, it’s about the careful balance of nutrients they ingest and giving them meals specifically designed to suit their individual needs.

A very simple example of how a decent plate of food can make a big difference to a patient who recently underwent surgery is to prepare a meal that includes poultry, almonds, and mushrooms. This is a combination that will give them Vitamin E and protein to aid in healing wounds and repairing muscle tissue and Vitamin D to promote the repair of bones. Adding beans to the dish can provide iron to increase the creation of new blood cells and adding a glass of orange juice for Vitamin C will strengthen the immune system and help keep infections at bay.

Apart from the nutrition, a wholesome meal is a boost to hospital morale. Ensuring a patient is happy and full of energy helps fight trauma and depression and the added motivation will keep them focused on their recovery. Studies show that a patient with a positive mindset, and who is comfortable and feels safe, will recover faster and better. They are also less likely to neglect further treatment or therapy and are more resistant to infections.

You could go as far as to say, that having a catering solution like CSG Foods that takes into consideration each patient’s needs, is an essential part of a hospital. Allergies, treatments, symptoms, side-effects to medication, cultural needs such as kosher or halaal foods are all things that can either pose a potential risk to your patients or make every snack, dish or drink a step towards better health.

As any good hospital or healthcare facility will know, doing everything in your power to make sure the people they care for, get all the help they need. Part of this care is a proper meal that helps improve a patient’s recovery.

We at CSG Foods know how important food is to each and every patient’s recovery. Our services are tailored to the unique environment of every hospital and care facility. Call us on 086 130 6093 for more information on how you can help your patients get the best care possible.

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