Can a proper meal really help kids to be better learners?

The topic of nutrition is constantly being researched and debated, leading to many different conclusions. So what are the facts you need to know? Can a proper meal really help kids to be better learners?

Studies show that malnutrition directly affects the mental capacity of young kids in school. Malnourishment can lead behavioural problems, vitamin E, vitamin B, iodine, deficiencies in iron, thiamine, and zinc inhibit cognition and, of course, a drop in health can lead to an increase in absenteeism.

Providing your students with the necessary nutrition, can address all of these issues. An increase in concentration, retention and attendance, and a drop in disruptive behaviour are just some of the possible results when schools invest in their learners nutrition. What the learners eat, can do more than be a preventative measure against these conditions.

Preparing learners for tests and exams can be a daunting task. One that each learner approaches and reacts to differently. The best way to help give each child a helping hand when it comes to studying, is through what the eat.

Intuition, perception and reasoning can be enhanced with amino acids and carbohydrate supplementation. A increase in learner participation and a marked decrease in disciplinary actions were observed when carbonated sugary drinks and junk food were replaced with healthier options and carefully prepared meals replaced.

In addition, sociologists and economists have found that a learners nutritional health level can directly affect their performance in tests and exams. When a proper food management service, that brings wholesome meals to learners on a daily basis, is in place there is a direct correlation between it and the increases in test scores and grade averages.

With this in mind, can nutrition help improve marks? Can supplying learners with food for both their bodies and brains give them a boost to their education and their future? The answer is without a doubt, YES! Something as simple as keeping learners fed and healthy, can benefit them immensely.

We at CSG Foods know how important education is to each learner and their futures. This is why we help relieve the stress of ensuring each learner has packed a nutritious meal. Our services are tailored to the unique environment of every school and institutions changing needs, tastes and social life of its pupils as they move through their education. Healthy food choices promote strong bodies, smart minds, and improved behavior. When children eat well, they are better able to grow, learn and play. Call us on 086 130 6093 for more information on how you can help your child to do his/her best.

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